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Coaching  for Leaders

(whether you are the leader of one or hundreds)


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Ready to change how you lead?

(Hint: How you lead is affected by how you see the world.)

Some days, it feels easy to try something new. Some days, it feels impossible to get even the regular stuff done. On the hard days, it helps to have a few tools in your back pocket so you can make great choices or change your perspective, on-the-fly. I offer you the opportunity to take the Energy Leadership Assessment and have a 90-minute coaching conversation that has the power to change your life. Because, the more people who have access to easy-to-use tools that change their lives, the better life on our planet will be! Really. I believe that with every iota of my being. (Coaches can’t help it—we think that way!)

I offer a Get-Coached Challenge. You will:

  • take the 20-minute online Energy Leadership Assessment (it's easy to take--no wrong answers, only choosing how you currently feel or act in different scenarios)

  • receive a 10-page report that details your Assessment results

  • participate in a 90-minute, private conversation with me to look at your Assessment results

  • learn and recognize the seven lenses through which people see the world, and find out where your strengths currently lie

  • begin to understand what’s REALLY getting in your way, and how to break through the obstacles you’re facing with less effort, and more power and integrity

  • get the opportunity to put your discovery into action*

I am passionate about supporting YOU while you dream big and make changes to become the person you want to be.

*Choose one of two options: The ELI Assessment Package, which includes all of the above, OR the ELI+One Package, which includes all of the above PLUS an additional 60-minute follow-up coaching session within 30 days to help you keep moving forward.